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Morray Engineering have installed their new M1200 integrated automated bagging, weighing and sealing machine at
Peakdale Quarry Products Ltd near Alfreton in Derbyshire.

This M1200 has been designed in-house and is constructed to work in harsh environments such as those encountered on many aggregate packing sites.

Fully integrated unit
This fully automatic and integrated machine incorporates a sack placer with storage capacity for over 400 sacks reducing the need for operator interaction during operation. Being constructed as a fully integrated unit eliminates the need for a sack conveyor and sack turner, also this total integration greatly reduces installation time as the entire system is assembled on a single chassis, a chassis with a remarkably small foot print when compared to a conventional bagging and sealing line.

Fuji EC-171

Morray Engineering's complete solution also consists of a Fuji EC-171 to complement the M1200. The EC-171 places sacks on to two pallets simultaneously from a single pick-up conveyor fed directly from the output of the M1200 via a sack press conveyor. Together this system is easily capable of 1200 sacks per hour.

The M1200 reliably and absolutely controls the sack throughout the filling and sealing process, from empty bag to filled sack exiting the machine. With simple design minimizing moving parts the M1200 is also flexible and can be fitted to almost any kind of feed unit, from volumetric feeders to net weighing units and will handle wet or sticky sands and all kinds of aggregates in any size sack from 5kg to 40kg.

Simple method of operation

Along with this flexibility and reliability comes an astonishingly simple method of operation - a straightforward touch screen interface with intuitive controls and inbuilt user support enables operator confidence with minimal training as well as comprehensive diagnostic tools and in depth operational adjustments for more advanced operators.

Peakdale Quarry Products started business in 1999 supplying local builder's merchants using a basic vibrating tray bulk hopper, conveyor and static heat sealer.
Faster and made more efficient use of manpower
As the business increased they looked for something faster and made more efficient use of manpower. They chose Morray Engineering for their next packing system, this has been in operation for some 5 years and included a large bulk hopper and fully automated bagging line leading to a Fuji EC-61palletising robot system. Currently this produces about 45 tonnes per 8-hour day, as a one-man operation.Whilst this was a vast improvement on their original system the business has expanded to such a degree that they needed to look for another automated line.

Respond to customers' demands
Peakdale decided that a faster system was required to enable them to be more flexible and respond to customers' demands on the day, rather than stockpiling filled bags which take up a lot of storage space.
Peakdale started to look at all the alternatives in the market place and ruled out the form, fill and seal systems- although they were fast they would be too inflexible for their needs as they use lots of different bags to satisfy their large customer base.
New integrated M1200 bagging system
Peakdale decided to stick with open mouth sacks and looked at more conventional automated systems

Peakdale decided to stick with open mouth sacks and looked at more conventional automated systems and finally decided on Morray Engineering's new integrated M1200 bagging system which was capable of speeds up to 15 bags per minute, depending on the product. This was in line with their requirements.

Peakdale are running the new machine as well as their existing line to enable them to produce two types of product at the same time, both systems are still being overseen by only one man.

Additional features
Morray Engineering designed the M1200 with features based on feedback from their existing customers. Peakdale Quarry Products Ltd was further consulted and suggested some additional features which were incorporated into the final product.

Peakdale Quarry Products Ltd supply major builders' merchants with personalized 25kg bags and also supplies Peakdale's own brand, Builders Choice, to other customers.

Delivering over a very wide area
In addition to the small bags they also supply bulk bags of sand and aggregate. They deliver over a very wide area which include the West Midlands, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and even as far as the North East.

Because they are a small to medium size company specializing in a personal service they are flexible enough to be able to deliver to other areas that are commercially viable.

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