Sack Closing Equipment
Morray Engineering sack closing equipment is a great leap towards total automation of your packing line when used in conjunction with conveyor systems and bagging units.

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Industrial Fixed Sewing Heads

Morray Engineering sack closing equipment is a great leap towards total automation of your packing line when used in conjunction with conveyor systems and bagging units.

Portable, medium and heavy duty stitchers
Precision sewing head and conveyor speed synchronization.
Automatic stitcher start / stop and thread cut off.
Fully compatible with theMorray range of sack conveyors.

  DS9 Fixed Head Stitcher   Key benefits


Based on the proven and durable Newlong DS series sewing heads, the DS9 Heavy Duty stitcher provides a high speed, cost effective solution for closing paper, plastic and net bags.

Optional Extras
  • Crepe tape attachment with DS-C & DS-9 sewing head.
  • Wide range of conveyors and automated sealing systems.
  • Pillar adaptor kit for Fischbein or Union Special heavy duty sewing heads.

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  • Integral oil lubrication system.

  • Automatic stitch start/stop and pneumatic thread cut off ensuring economic thread usage.

  • Suitable for Kraft paper, cotton,hessian, jute, woven cloth, plastic and other bag materials

  • Plug and socket for conveyor supply together with foot switch for conveyor/ stitcher stop restart.

  • Precise sewing head/conveyor speed synchronization by an adjustable pulley between sewing head and motor.

  • Cast and fabricated steel construction for the heaviest duty use.

  • 750 watt motor for high speed effortless stitching.

  • Fully compatible with Morray 850 or 855 stitcher automator.

  • Sewing head swivels through 90 for ease of threading and service.
Continuous Industrial Heat Sealers
The latest generation of heat sealers for plastic bags.
  8731 Continuous Sealer   Key benefits

Hamer 500

8731 Continuous Sealer.
  • Hot-Air continuous heat sealing.

  • All working parts fully accessible.

  • Electric's housed in a separate IP54 control box with rear housing.

  • Stainless steel body for corrosive environment & medical/food applications.

  • Variable Speed, Top Belts.

  • Auto Reverse Function.

  • PLC Controller for reliable operation.

  • PID Temperature Control, Low Maintenance.

  • Can be used in conjunction with the M855 auto infeeder.

  • Fully compatible with Morray range of sack conveyors.
  Fischbein SH1000   Key benefits


Fischbein SH1000.

Optional Extras

  • Both L-R and R-L operation direction versions available.
  • Airevac to remove excess air from bag before full closure.
  • Atex approved versions available.
  • Post-seal bag top cooler.
  • Up to 14.1 meters per minute sealing speed as standard (up to 22.2 meters per minute on request).

  • Stainless steel construction- ideal for food products.

  • Motorized height adjuster.

  • Optimized heater airflow for higher operating speeds and increased productivity.

  • PID temperature control.

  • Simple setup adjustment- fast product change over.

  • Low profile infeed ensuring correct bag presentation.

  • Fully compatible with Morray range of sack conveyors.

Infeed Accessories
Efficient and automatic infeed devices capable of presenting filled bags to most fixed head stitchers and heat sealers currently available today.
  M821 Powered Infeed Unit Key benefits

  • Designed with minimum moving parts & adjustments for simple,effective operation.

  • Throughput 18-20 bags/min.

  • Ensures parallel stitch - always hold bag under control.

  • Adjustable bag trip switch for different sack profiles.

  • Inverter speed control

  • Can be used alone or with the M850 Automator.

  • Stainless Steel version available.
Stitcher Accessories
Efficient, reliable and automatic stitcher accessories to increase productivity of almost any stitching line.
  Ticket Applicator Features and key benefits Thread Break Detector Key benefits

Ticket Applicator

Optional extras

  • Remote indication of empty magazine

  • Custom ticket sizes

  • Integral proximity switch linked to start/stop stitcher.


The Morray tractor driven, paper ticket applicator-provides high speed simple operation and designed in reliability. All contact parts in stainless steel -for increased wear resistance, long life and minimum maintenance.

  • Fast...15bags/min (4 seconds per bag/bag)

  • Paper ticket sizes from 75mm - 150mm (punched at joint center).

  • PLC controlled (dust free box).

  • Small compact design.

  • Stainless steel magazine for 500 bag / label run.

  • Roller type scissor mechanism.

  • Very easy to use, minimum maintenance..
  • Fully protected for safety.

  • Integral proximity switch for bag detection

  • Exhaust from solenoid valve utilized to blow air contaminates away from guillotine

  • Integral bag guide.

  • Can be retro fitted to most existing line & systems.

  • Stainless Steel version available.

Thredbreak Detector
  • Eliminates stitching failures due to broken thread.

  • Simple, effective design.

  • Stainless steel construction available

Manual Sack Closing
Often, for low throughput producers the most cost effective and practical method of sack closing is a hand held, manual stitching head.
  Hand Held NP7a   Key benefits

Hand Held NP7a

The proven and durable Newlong NP7A sewing head provides a high speed, cost effective solution for closing paper, plastic and net bags

  • 4-7 Seconds per bag.

  • 8.5mm fixed stitch length.

  • Needle: DN x 1-25.

  • 5.3kg total weight with thread.

  • 60W Drive Motor.

  • 240 Vac power supply.

  • Suitable for Kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, woven cloth, plastic and other bag materials.

  • 12V or 110V power supplies to order.

  • Pneumatic motor for hazardous environments.

Thread Cones

  • 10kg Polyester Thread 5S/12

  • 1.5kg Polyester Thread 12S/5

  • 200g Polyester Thread 12S/4 fold

  • All thread prices delivered free of charge within England and Wales when ordered by the box.

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