Big Bag Discharger


Big Bag Discharger

The Morray Big Bag Discharging Units will handle many variations of flexible big bags, including single trip with and without inner liners. The dischargers can be loaded from forklift trucks or by overhead hoist assemblies, which will come as a complete system.

Morray offers a versatile bulk bag discharge unit suitable for both multi- trip and single trip bulk bags.

General Method of Operation

The flexible mounted discharge cone can be pneumatically or electrically vibrated (depending upon site requirements), to assist discharge for non-free flowing materials.

As standard, discharging units incorporate a single post suspension frame with adjustable bag support. Standard unit has a maximum capacity of 2000Kg.

All versions of the Morray by The Sack Filling Company’s Big Bag Discharger can be integrated into a bulk hopper system to allow for discharge into a automation system.


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