Our Environmental Policy

The Sack Filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd incorporating Morray / Walthambury recognises its responsibilities for the environment and is committed to working towards minimising the impacts of its activities.

At the Sack filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd we strive to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. We continue to evolve our working practises to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, and we encourage our customers and suppliers alike to do so.

Working with employees, customers, suppliers and contractors to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment

  • We believe in conserving energy and natural resources.

  • We believe in reducing, and where possible the elimination of waste and emissions made by the company.

  • We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards relevant to our business practises, and where by the law does not adequately protect the environment, apply procedures that minimise any adverse environmental impacts resulting from our operations, products and services.

  • We believe in reusing and upcycling packaging to reduce our ecological footprint. We promote bulk supply, encouraging our customers to buy multiple items at once to reduce the environmental impact of multiple couriers.

  • We will ensure that all our employees gain and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to implement our policies in full. Training will concentrate on the impact of our work activities on the environment, the role that they can play within their jobs to meet environmental objectives and the benefits of improved environmental performance.

  • We will monitor our performance against agreed targets to ensure that the environmental impact of our companies operations doesn’t negative impact the local community or environment.

This policy commits The Sack Filling & Robot Palletising Company Ltd to reduce its environmental impact as an integral part of its TQM and TQEM philosophy.

Please view our Sustainability & Environmental Policy 2023