The Sack Filling and Robot Palletising Company range of robots provides one of the most flexible methods automated product handling currently available. Each system is designed to exceed customer expectations.

The EC-201 robot is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletisers on the market today. With three EC-201 models to choose from, offers a solution for High Speed (HS), Heavy Weight (HD) and Super Heavy Weight (W) applications. This new generation robot provides an ultra-quiet operation, improved efficiencies, and maximum flexibility that accompany “high speed” palletizing technology.

Key Benefits

  • Capacity (cycles/hour) 1800
  • Payload (inc. hand) 200 Kg
  • Main body weight 700 Kg
  • Power (220V, 3PH, 50/60 Hz) 6.5 KVA

Operational Space:

  • Z axis (vertical) 2300mm
  • R axis (reach) 1500mm
  • θ axis (turn) 330°
  • α axis (wrist) 330°

Optional Extras

  • Pallet Magazines- To supply empty pallets one at a time to pallet line.
    Can also be used to stack empty pallets in a de-palletizing system.
    Maximum stack – 900kg.
  • Slipsheet and Tray Applicators- Automatically place plastic slip sheets from a roll, cardboard slip sheets from a stack and place then erect trays from a stack.
  • Pick-up conveyors- Powered rollers allowing the robot hand to gently
    pick up product.
  • Harsh Environment Jackets- To protect the robot from hostile environments.
  • Pallet Conveyors- Bespoke manufacture to suit customers plant layout and special requirements

Data Sheet

EC-201 Data Sheet


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