Hand Held NP7A Stitcher

Hand Held NP7A Stitcher

The proven and durable Newlong NP7A sewing head provides a high speed, cost effective solution for closing paper, plastic and net bags, we at the Sack Filling Company believe this is the best stitcher on the market for this application.

Key Benefits

  • 4-7 Seconds stitch time per bag.
  • 8.5mm fixed stitch length.
  • 5.3kg total weight with thread.
  • 60W Drive Motor.240 Vac power supply.
  • Suitable for Kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, woven cloth, plastic and other bag materials.

Optional Extras

  • 230V or 110V power supplies.
  • Suspension hanging reel, for ease of use.
  • Hanging frame.
  • Can be mounted on any existing machinery.
  • Pneumatic power for hazardous environments.

Data Sheet

Np7 Data Sheet Download


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