Morray Automatic Sack Placer (WASP)

Morray Automatic Sack Placer (WASP)

Based around a feed and pinch roller system providing precise bag registration, consistent bag pick up and placing. This simple design, agile mechanical solution incorporates many features for robust reliability.

Key Benefits

  • Paper, Plastic or Woven Polypropylene bags.
  • Up to 10 bags/min – dependant on the material/product.
  • Easily integrated with existing or new installations.
  • Automatic 2 x 200 (400 bag) magazine.
  • P.L.C. controlled
  • Venturi vacuum unit minimizes noise, improves reliability and allows precise bag pick-up and release control.

Optional Extras

  • Stainless Steel for food quality.
  • Belt fed version available.
  • “Bag on a roll” version available

Data Sheet

WASP Data Sheet Download

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