Semi-Automatic Bag Slitter

The Morray SAM 200 automatic bag slitter caters for the low volume throughput market. The unit handles all types of bags at a maximum rate of 200 bags/ hour.

Key Benefits

  • Versatility – Can handle a wide range of differing bag sizes containing granules and powder materials.
  • Durable – Quality construction and long self-sharpening blade life.
  • Easy to Operate – Effortless, trouble- free processing.
  • Compact – Optimum efficiency – minimum floor space
  • Cost Effective – Low cost installation and maintenance

General Method of Operation

The operator opens access door and pushes the bag from the loading plate directly onto the internal bag support table.

The door is then closed and the operator presses the start pushbutton which engages the door safety interlock. From then onwards the bag is automatically cut open, the product is discharged out of the machine and the empty waste bag is automatically transferred to the integral compactor unit which compacts the bag into a receiving tube.

Upon completion the door safety lock disengages and grants access for the loading of the next bag.