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SP600 Automatic Sack Placer Series

The new range of Automatic Sack Placers by The Sack Filling Company combines the reliability of the WASP- Lite with the output potential of the WASP, designed with the user in mind, simple to operate and maintain, the SP600 series is welcome addition to the Sack Placer range. Based around a feed and pinch roller system providing precise bag registration, consistent bag pick up and placing. This simple design, agile mechanical solution incorporate many features for robust reliability.

Key Benefits

  • Paper, plastic or woven polypropylene bags.
  • Up to 10 bags/min – dependant on material/product.
  • Easily integrated with existing or new installations.
  • Automatic belt feed magazine.
  • P.L.C. controlled

Optional Extras

  • In board ticket applicator.
  • Stainless Steel for food quality.
  • Castor wheels or stationary option.

Date Sheet

SP600 Series Sack Placer Data Sheet Download

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