Developing the Company’s Product Range

In 1992 it was clear that more and more customers were looking to single suppliers for all their material handling requirements so extra effort was put into further developing the company’s product range. Customers had been demanding palletising equipment and, initially, it was thought that we could design our own but after an interesting meeting with Newlong who were agents for a revolutionary robot palletiser it was decided to investigate its potential in the UK market.

After 2 years testing and market development in 1994 Morray sold its first robot system in the UK and it is a testament to the care with which this research as done that it is still the agent for the same machine with over 275 installations in place in the UK today.

As turnkey business became more a major part of Morray’s turnover additional products were introduced into the range with highlights being Morray’s own fully automatic sack placer in 1996 and the Binder range of sack placers and form, fill and seal machines being added in 1997.