The EC-171 robot has the largest working envelope of all Fuji-Ace Robots while maintaining the smallest rotation radius. The EC-171 is energy efficient using only 4 kVA while still allowing the robot to work in tight space conditions and accomplishing a very high palletizing rate. With two EC-171 models Fuji can offer a solution for High Speed (HS) and/or Heavy Weight (HD) applications.

This is truly a fantastic addition to our product line. This new generation robot provides an ultra-quiet operation, improved efficiencies, and maximum flexibility.

Key Benefits

  • Capacity (cycles/hour) 1500
  • Payload (inc. hand) 80 Kg
  • Main body weight 750 Kg
  • Power (220V, 3PH, 50/60 Hz) 4 KVA

Operational Space:

  • Z axis (vertical) 2400mm
  • R axis (reach) 1600mm
  • θ axis (turn) 330°
  • α axis (wrist) 330°

Optional Extras

  • Pallet Magazines- To supply empty pallets one at a time to pallet line.
    Can also be used to stack empty pallets in a de-palletizing system.
    Maximum stack – 900kg.
  • Slipsheet and Tray Applicators- Automatically place plastic slip sheets from a roll, cardboard slip sheets from a stack and place then erect trays from a stack.
  • Pick-up conveyors- Powered rollers allowing the robot hand to gently
    pick up product.
  • Harsh Environment Jackets- To protect the robot from hostile environments.
  • Pallet Conveyors- Bespoke manufacture to suit customers plant layout and special requirements

Data Sheet

EC-171 Data Sheet


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