The Sack Filling Company can provide fixed and removable guarding for all the machines and system we provide. We design, manufacture and install bespoke guards to suit customers’ requirements. As well as complying with all relevant machinery safety standards, our bespoke guards are optimised in terms of ease of access for operatives, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and cost.

To complement our machine guarding we also supply interlocks, light guards, pressure-sensitive mats and other safety devices, either to the customer’s specification or we can make recommendations.

Where appropriate we can supply machine guards with interlocks preinstalled, ready to be connected to the machine’s safety-related control system.


  • Fixed guards
  • Interlocking guards
  • Adjustable guards
  • Self-adjusting guards
  • Removable guarding

Optional Extras

  • Interlocks
  • Single Leaf Door
  • Double Leaf Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Rise & Fall Doors
  • Bespoke Doors
  • Varying Mesh sixes
  • Light Guards


  • Cable Ducting
  • Gaskets
  • Cable Trunking
  • Interlocks


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