M220 & M220QD

M220 & M220QD

M220 & M220QD

The M220 offers a higher throughput while retaining the simple design of its smaller brother the M180. Cost effective and versatile the M220 has a range of quick release attachments for various bag sizes and filling applications.

Key Benefits

  • Single belt feed – available with sealed elevator for granular and fibrous materials.
  • Light-weight chassis allowing for a mobile weighing and bagging platform.
  • Up to 220 bags hr.
  • Minimum IP44 rating.

Optional Extras

Stainless Steel for food quality.

M220QD model with alternative quick detachable accessories:

  • Bag Clamp
  • Pre-Pack Attachment
  • Net/Jute Bag Holder
  • Carton Filler Platform

Data Sheet

180-220 Data Sheet Download


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